Boris’ Review: Milk 

06/12/2018 in Reviews

Boris' Review: Milk 

Every month, our Head of Quality Boris reviews one of the products we as Bocca proudly work with. This edition, Boris dives deeper into the world of milk and tells all about why we partner with Weeribben Zuivel. 


Got Milk?

You might think – why does a coffee roaster post an article about milk? But milk and coffee are undeniably two of the most commonly paired products around. As a coffee roaster focused on quality, we want an incredible product to pair with our coffee to create a really tasty drink. For us, the best option turned out to be Weerribben Zuivel organic whole milk.


We’re conscious of taste..

When we opened the Bocca Coffee bar (Kerkstraat 96, Amsterdam) in 2015, we cupped with and tasted different milk products and after extensive testing Weerribben Zuivel organic whole milk came out as the most balanced when paired with our coffee. Weerribben Zuivel strives to create a high-quality dairy product by producing it on their own farm. We love this milk because it brings the sweetness and creaminess a milk beverage should have, while still letting the characteristics of the coffee shine through. But it is not just the taste that appeals to us.


..but we’re also conscious of the environment

At Bocca Coffee, we think a good quality product is only possible when those responsible for the product and their environment are treated well. Weerribben Zuivel follows a very similar philosophy in their production. The organic dairy farm is situated on the edge of the national park Weerribben-Wieden and works closely with the Dutch foundations Natuurmonumenten, Staatsbosbeheer and De Vogelbescherming to preserve this area. Furthermore, the cap of the milk carton is made from biomass, making the entire packaging fully recyclable. All these factors make Weerribben Zuivel a partner we are proud to work with to reach our goal of creating a beautiful product, each and every time.


Would you like to know more about Weerribben Zuivel? Visit their website.

Weerribben Zuivel for us is a partner we are proud to work with to reach our goal of creating a beautiful product, each and every time.