Boris’ Review: Soy Milk

17/12/2018 in Reviews

Boris' Review: Soy Milk 

Every month, our Head of Quality Boris reviews one of the products we as Bocca proudly work with. This edition, Boris dives deeper into the world of plant-based milk and tells all about why we partner with Bonsoy soy milk. 



Soy milk is usually overshadowed by dairy milk in a coffee bar, just ordered and served as a substitute for dietary and/or environmental reasons. But in the Bocca Coffee bar we don’t pursue an easy nondairy option, we want to create a sweet and creamy beverage with pronounced coffee flavor. That is how we ended up with Bonsoy soy drink.


In pursuit of quality

Bonsoy is secretive about the exact production process, but all we know is it resulted in a soy milk with a higher than average protein and fat content. The taste is really smooth and sweet and has great texturing potential. These attributes proved their worth when we trialed the product in a series of blind tasting and milk texturing sessions with other kinds of plant-based dairy alternatives, after which Bonsoy soy drink came out on top. We like how Bonsoy managed to make a great product for those who care about quality, a perspective we share as coffee roasters.


Challenging yet rewarding

Unfortunately, soy milk can be challenging when used in coffee preparation. Sometimes it will curdle when poured in hot coffee after steaming. This effect has been attributed to over steaming the soy milk or the acidity of brewed coffee, but a good solution to circumvent this problem is mixing the brewed coffee with cold soy milk and steaming it together. This will make it almost impossible to pour recognizable latte art, but the result is an incredibly smooth drink that is a joy to consume. And that is what we care about.


Would you like to know more about Bonsoy soy milk? Visit their website.