Food at Kerkstraat 96

10/01/2019 in News

The philosophy behind our menu

Next to a full range of coffees, teas and pastries, we also serve breakfast and lunch in our espressobar in Amsterdam. In our brand new kitchen, we prepare several dishes which we always try to combine with our coffee our tea. The menu has been properly thought out and we share the same values with our coffee: quality and flavour are most important. The dishes are surprising and accessible at the same time. In the first place, we are a coffee roastery and also with our food we’d like to emphasize that. Furthermore, we try to work as much as possible with local products (think of our hangop made of Weerribben yoghurt and Gouda cheese) and we make everything ourselves in our own kitchen.


Do you have a favourite dish yet? We still can’t decide.
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The menu

Hangop & granola

We make our hangop ourselves, from Weerribben fullfat yoghurt. We hang it in a cloth to get the whey-water out and the next morning we put it in a pastry bag. We serve it with granola, dried strawberry and pineapple, fresh fruit, coconut and a coulis made of raspberry-honeybush tea. Everything homemade.


Breakfast wrap

We bake our breakfast wrap until it becomes crunchy and filled with a cream of Jerusalem artichoke, scrambled egg, chorizo, chili sauce and a spinach-herb salad.


French toast

We serve our French toast with coffee butter, made from our Soulmate coffee beans, marinated blueberries and roasted almonds. We put cream and ground coffee together for one night, so that the butter absorbes the coffee flavour. The next day, we sift the mixture in a cloth and put it in a food processor until you keep a mixture of butter and buttermilk. Next, we rinse off the butter and serve it with the toast.

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Smashed pumpkin on sourdough

We serve our pumpkin cream with a goat cheese crumble, nuts and ground Ethiopian coffee. This dish is the symbol of how coffee is discovered; a goat farmer from Ethiopia who found out that his goats had more energy after eating from the coffee tree. Together with a monk he made a drink from the coffee cherries. Coffee was born.


Old dutch cheese

This is the most simple dish from the menu, but very tasty. The only ingredients are chutney, cheese and smoked paprika powder. We serve it on a toasted slice of bread, flambé.


Grilled paprika hummus & avocado

Homemade hummus with grilled pepper, tahini, cannellini beans, served with cherry tomatoes, roasted pumpkin seeds and radish sprouts.


Grilled peach & pumpkin salad

With spinach, shaved fennel, shallot and roasted pumpkin seeds. Served with a jasmin-honey vinaigrette, made with our own jasmin tea mixed with organic honey and spicy extra vierge olive oil from Valderrama.

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