Our Year Round coffees and flavour profiles

14/03/2019 in News

It's all about flavour!

With coffee, it’s all about taste. Real taste is personal. There are so many different coffees. Which one should you choose? What do you like? We would like to help you as much as possible with finding your perfect coffee. To start with part 1: where do our coffees come from and which flavours belong to those regions?

Our Year Round line-up, flavour profile and origin

Our Year Round line-up consists of 7 different coffees that are available all year round. Those coffees all have their own, unique  flavour profile and are classified by their flavour. Whereas the composition of those coffees can change from season to season, the flavour of those coffees always stays the same. In this world map you can see where those different coffees come from, and which flavour profile belongs to them. Take for example the Ethiopia, with flavour profile Peach, Floral and Bright. These fruity, bright flavours are typical for Ethiopian coffee. And this is how it works with other flavours and origins as well!