Flat White? Cappuccino? Cortado?

18/04/2019 in Education

So, what's the difference?

It has become impossible to imagine the current coffee scene without a flat white. Originally from Australia, this drink is now taking over the rest of the world. But many people confuse it with the cappuccino. Or don’t know how it differs from a cortado.

Although those drinks appear to be almost the same, they differ in espresso-to-milk ratio and amount of foam. Probably the most popular milk-based coffee around is the cappuccino. Mostly made with one shot of espresso, steamed milk and a creamy layer of microfoam on top. A flat white, however, is usually prepared with a double shot of espresso as a base, with a bit of steamed milk and a thin layer of creamy microfoam.

Next to those two milk-coffees, there are more variations. Take the macchiato: espresso with a dot of milk foam. Next up is the cortado, espresso with between one and two ounces of finely steamed milk, usually served in a glass. Finally we have the latte or the Dutch ‘Koffie Verkeerd’. An espresso with a lot of milk and a little bit of foam. All those coffees – except for the macchiato – are preferably served with the finest latte art patterns.

What milk should you go for?

Milk and coffee are undeniably two of the most commonly paired products around. The type of milk you use plays an important rule in making it a great tasting cup. For us, the best option turned out to be Weerribben Zuivel organic whole milk. Our Head of Education and Innovation explains why in this blogpost..

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And dairy alternatives?

Soy milk is usually overshadowed by dairy milk in a coffee bar, just ordered and served as a substitute for dietary and/or environmental reasons. But in our bar we don’t pursue an easy nondairy option: we want to create a sweet and creamy beverage with pronounced coffee flavour and so we ended up with Bonsoy soy drink. Find out why in our latest blogpost

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