What we learn from wine: Carbonic Maceration process

02/08/2019 in Origin stories

Bensa, our first natural Carbonic Maceration coffee

For the first time in Bocca’s history, we launch a coffee processed via the carbonic maceration method. This process stems from the wine industry, where grapes are fermented before pressing them for juice extraction.


When applied to coffee, this means the cherries are dry fermented in a sealed tank. This tank is then injected with carbon dioxide gas to push out the residual oxygen, which slows the breakdown of the sugars in the mucilage layer. The cherries on the bottom of the tank are crushed and this juice undergoes a controlled fermentation at a temperature of 10-12°C. Coffee that is processed via this method creates an extremely clean and consistent flavour profile.


In coffee growing countries in South-America, such as Peru and Brazil, the process is quite often used, but it is very unique for the Ethiopian Sidamo region. Therefore we are very proud to present Bensa, our first carbonic maceration processed coffee

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