The story of Peter the guitarist

09/08/2019 in Origin stories

The 26-year-old Peter is one of the board members of Ndaroini. He started farming after secondary school, when he planted his own tomato trees between the coffee trees at his fathers plantation. In 2014, coffee payments in Kenya were so bad that Peters father couldn’t afford to pay school fees for him and his brother. Peter began to sell his tomato trees to be able to pay the rent and to feed himself.


Since 2012, Peter also started to grow coffee. He is an active supporter of the Kenyan Coffee Revolution and his goal is to make youth enthusiastic again about growing coffee.


Music is one of Peters other passions. He used to play guitar in his local church, but as many church leaders are against the revolution, he isn’t allowed to play there anymore. A few weeks ago, Menno donated a new guitar on behalf of Bocca, so that he gets the chance go play again and explore the world of music.


Bocca proudly supports young farmers who dare to speak up and who have the drive to cultivate high quality coffee. Together, we’re on a mission to save the great Kenia coffee and to bring back its quality and unique flavour profile.

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Menno with farmers from Ndaroini coffee factory. The second from left is Peter.