Brew guide: Aeropress

15/08/2019 in Brew guides

When a Frisbee company invents a coffee brewer, you know it’s going to be fun. Brewing with the Aeropress is fun and challenging. There are a ton of different ways to brew it, making this the most versatile brewer around. Its sturdy plastic body also makes it a perfect travel companion.

How to make the perfect cup with an Aeropress



Aeropress paper filter

Aeropress funnel


Whole coffee beans





Aeropress stirring tool




First, turn on your kettle and, if possible, set it to 96 degrees. Next, place a filter in the bottom part and attach it to the main chamber. Then rinse the filter with hot water to wash off any paper fibres. Discard the water and place the Aeropress on a mug or vessel on top of a scale.




Grind between 8 and 18 grams of coffee, depending on how much you want. Read more in the ratio blog to find out more about how much coffee to use. Grind it as fine as granulated sugar. Place the funnel on the Aeropress, tare the scale and weight your ground coffee. If you have the right amount, tare the scale.




If you don’t have a boiler with temperature settings, bring the kettle to a boil and wait 30 seconds. Filtered water or spring water generally gives the best results. If you’re not sure, brew one coffee with bottled water and one with tap water and compare.



Start pouring in the middle with a steady flow, and try to cover all the grounds. Add about 3 times as much water as the ground coffee. When done, stir the grounds with the tool to make sure all the grounds are saturated. Coffee releases CO2 or “blooms” when it gets wet. The fresher the coffee, the more CO2 it releases. The grounds should rise up and create a crema-like foam. Leave the bloom for 15 seconds.



Rest of the pour

Pour water with a steady flow from one side of the chamber to make the water spin around. If you use more than 200 ml of water, pause at 150 ml and continue when the water has seeped through the grounds enough to add all the water in the second pour.


When you have added all the water, stir the water 3 times, remove your Aeropress and mug from the scale and wait 1 minute. Attach the plunger to the chamber, and slowly press it down until you hear a hissing sound. Retract the plunger a little bit, remove the cap and press the plunger all the way through to discard the grounds in the bin.



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