Review Etzinger etzMAX

29/08/2019 in Reviews

In the beginning of August, we trialed the Etzinger Etzmax medium grinder at our bar at Kerkstraat 96. After World of Coffee 2018 in Amsterdam, we could already test a prototype of this grinder and our whole team was enthusiastic about it! Our partner Alleborgh Espresso asked us this time if we were interested in testing the final version of the grinder in our bar, to evaluate how it performs in terms of workflow and quality in a high volume espressobar.


The special thing about this coffee grinder is that it has a built-in scale that can be set to 1 decimal. This way, the barista doesn’t have to weigh every single coffee dose on a scale, which means he or she can work faster. Also, it means less coffee waste.


The Etzmax didn’t dissapoint. The flavour of the espressos was of good quality, absolutely according to our standards. The grinder works quickly and precisely: the maximum deviation was 0.3 grams, but in most cases the dose was 0.1 gram off the target. Furthermore, the grinder is quiet and easy to clean. We were less positive about the size of the hopper. It is quite small, only 1kg of coffee beans fits in. This means you can only refill the hopper when it is empty. Also, setting the grind takes some getting used to, because it utilizes two separate rings that need to be rotated. Therefore you don’t have the complete control you do have with other coffee grinders. This grinder is recommended to small and medium businesses, as it can’t process more than 4 kilograms of coffee a day.


All in all, the Etzinger Etzmax is an absolute asset for every small to medium volume espresso bar, especially to be able to work faster and more consistently, while keeping the quality on the same level.