Winter menu 2019

30/09/2019 in Geen categorie

New season, new menu !

Next to a full range of coffees, teas and pastries, we also serve breakfast and lunch in our espressobar in Amsterdam. We prepare several dishes which we always try to combine with our coffee our tea. The menu has been properly thought out and we share the same values with our coffee: quality and flavour are most important. The dishes are surprising and accessible at the same time. In the first place, we are a coffee roastery and also with our food we’d like to emphasize that. Furthermore, we try to work as much as possible with local products (think of our hangop made of Weerribben yoghurt and Gouda cheese) and we make everything ourselves in our own kitchen.


Every season we change our menu. From October onwards, you can taste three new dishes (and three new drinks) in the bar.


Which one would you love to try? 


Chia pudding

Chia seeds soaked in almond milk, served with caramelised apple, banana, cherry concentrate and home made crumble. 


French toast with coffee butter 

With cane sugar, homemade coffee butter from our Brazilian beans (Soulmate), marinated blueberries, cherry extract and almond flakes.


Renewed hangop & granola 

Freshly made hangop (from Weerribben full-fat yoghurt), with home made granola, a coulis made of blackberries and black tea. Served with dried and fresh seasonal fruit. 


Egg on rye toast

Served on sourdough rye bread with salted butter and pea shoots.


Bocca breakfast

One of the above plus coffee/tea and a croissant. 

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Breakfast wrap 

With scrambled eggs, Jerusalem artichoke cream, crunchy chorizo, herb salad and a spicy peppadew sauce.


Old Dutch Cheese

Grilled and flamed grated cheese, with stone fruit chutney and smoked paprika.


Red beetroot spread and goat’s cheese crumble 

With walnuts and bean sprouts.


Sausage tasting platter

Brandt & Levie Amsterdam made sausages: black pepper; fennel seed; chipotle and cacao. Mama Bakery bread and homemade pickles.

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We’ve also added three new winterdrinks to our menu: warm apple juice, mocha and Frank’s famous elixer with chamomile, ginger and pepper.

Home made granola with seasonal fruits

Beetroot spread