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Onze donkerste branding. Kruidige vleug, zoete karamel, en dan: bam. Smaakexplosie. Zelfs liefhebbers van lichte branding weten deze parel op waarde te schatten. Voor meer informatie download de factsheet van Bombita hier of lees hieronder meer. 


Let op: Bombita met branddatum van voor 13 December bevat Fazenda Passeio in plaats van Irmãs Pereira. Meer informatie?

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  • Land Brazilië, Guatemala
  • Regio Minas Gerais, Huehuetenango
  • Plantage Irmãs Pereira, Primavera Family
  • Verwerkingsmethode Pulped Natural, Gewassen
  • Certificering Conventioneel

Irmãs Pereira, Brazil

With the dream of a better life, Antonia Andrade Pereira Filho and Maria da Concel ção Costa Pereira decided to invest in his farm of 90 acres in the city of Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais (Brazil). In 1971, they planted the first coffee seedlings in a city where coffee production was on the rise. For this coffees, the pulped natural process is used, which results in a more aromatic cup quality that is rich in flavour, homogenous and clean. Fazenda Irmas Pereira is internationally known and recognized for their high quality coffees, which have already won many awards for specialty coffees, like the Cup of Excellence BSCA (Brazil Specialty Coffee Association).


Coffee from the Carmo de Minas micro-region is known for its full body and medium-to-high-acidity. The region, with its fertile lands and rugged terrain has gorgeous coffee plantations cultivated at high altitudes that vary between 900 and 1,500 metres. Temperatures are mild and rainfall is distributed uniformly over the year. This perfect natural environment and the careful coffee production practices carried out with efficiency and devotion by the Fazenda Sertao team are the perfect combination to cultivate exceptional coffees.

Primavera Family, Guatemala

This coffee knows a very special story. In fact, it is a blend that consists of coffees from 16 different producers. Those lots together make it a perfectly balanced cup and create exactly that flavour profile we would like to reach. This offers the opportunity to all those small producers to highlight their coffees together. This regional Huehuetenango lot stands out among other other coffees on the market, since through our supplier we can provide a full traceability and know all the farmers by name. 

One of them is Reyna Hernandez, who called her farm “La Nueva Esperanza”, “The New Hope”. Before they started producing coffee, they were planting other crops. For Reyna and her husband, coffee was the new hope to get ahead. Whereas it has been a challenge, Reyna and her family are nowadays very motivated by the fact that they produce and enhance the quality of their crop.

Irvin Alfaro is a young farmer and owner of the Finca Las Joyas, which refers to a type of a shallow valley. This is the type landscape that you’ll see when you are walking on his farm. Irvin learned farming from his grandparents, who started producing coffees 40 years ago. He is very proud of the experience he has gained at this young age and has an enormous drive to improve the quality of his coffee each and every day.

Zetadvies espresso

  • Dosering dubbele espresso 19 gram
  • Extractietijd 26 seconden
  • Shotgewicht 40 gram

Zetadvies filter

  • Dosering 15 gram
  • Water 250 gram op 96 graden
  • Procedure 30 seconden bloom met 50 gram water, vul aan met water tot 250 gram
  • Totale extractietijd 2.30 minuten

Schenk Bocca

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