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Dat wat je zoekt, die klik… in een kopje. Kan niet anders dan in de smaak vallen, deze verrukkelijke branding die je doet wentelen in donkere chocolade- en notige tonen. Single-origin Braziliaanse koffie, klaar om de liefde van je leven te worden. Voor meer informatie download de complete factsheet van Soulmate hier of lees hieronder verder.


Let op: de Soulmate met branddatum van voor 30 November bevat Fazenda Klem in plaats van Fazenda Passeio. Meer informatie?

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  • Land Brazilië
  • Regio Sul de Minas
  • Plantage Passeio
  • Variëteit Yellow Catuai, Acaia, Mundo Novo
  • Verwerkingsmethode Ongewassen
  • Hoogte 1000 - 1208 Meter
  • Certificering Conventioneel

Fazenda Passeio, Brazilië

We’re thrilled to work with Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira, the owner of Fazenda Passeio. We visited his farm in Brazil several times and only have positive things to say about it “Adolfo is by far the most passionate Brazilian farmer we’ve ever met. He’s also president of the Brazilian part of the Specialty Coffee Association and he’s very keen on helping other farmers teaching new techniques and cultivate varietals. Furthermore, Passeio is extremely beautiful and produces some stunning Brazilian coffees!”.

Care for coffee, care for people

The farm is located in the southern part of Minais Gerais, Brazil, where an abundance of specialty coffees is grown. Owner Adolfo is a real example for others in the Brazilian specialty coffee industry: he puts his heart and soul into his work and is fully committed to obtain the highest quality. He is very careful with the use of pesticides on his farm, in order to protect the local ecosystem and abides by all protection laws in the country. In comparison to other Brazilian farms, Fazenda Passeio is relatively small and whereas machine plucking is the standard in Brazil, all the coffee at Passeio is picked by hand and by the use of hand machines.


The Vieira Ferreira family has been producing coffee in the region for over three generations. They own both the Fazenda Passeio and the neighbouring Fazenda Lagoa. In the 1970s, they suffered from an outburst of leaf rust. They have replanted the farm with varieties that are less susceptible to coffee plant diseases. They do their absolute best to improve and increase productivity with respect to the environment and the local workforce, which is a large part of the operation. In everything they do, they emphasize on social improvement: all of the local workers receive social support, such as schooling for their children, workforce training, and environmental education.

Why not organic Brazil?

In contrast to previous coffees in Soulmate, Fazenda Passeio is not organically certified. Organic Brazilian coffee is not always better than the conventional Brazilian coffee. This has several reasons:


1) For organic production more land is needed. Rainforest destruction is already an urgent topic, but next to that, more land means more electricity, water and labor. All of this is not supportive for the environment.

2) Further, the organic pesticides that are being used are not always better for the environment and health then how conventional coffee is produced.

3) Due to Brazilian regulations for organic production and fraud, there are hardly any farms left that really produce according to the rules. By doing tests on green coffee ourselves, we found out that not all organically certified coffees were really organic: several times we found pesticides on the beans.


The amount of high-quality Brazilian organic coffee is extremely low so unfortunately, we were not able to find a coffee we feel is worth buying. Therefore, we decided to change Soulmate into this delicious conventional Brazil.

Zetdavies espresso

  • Dosering dubbele espresso 19 gram
  • Extractietijd 26 seconden
  • Shotgewicht 40 gram

Zetdavies filter

  • Dosering 15 gram
  • Water 250 gram op 96 graden
  • Procedure 30 seconden bloom met 50 gram water, vul aan met water tot 250 gram
  • Totale extractietijd 2.30 minuten

Schenk Bocca

Elke dag weer streven wij naar het hoogst haalbare op het gebied van koffie. Het moet vers en perfect gezet zijn, en jou iets bijzonders laten ervaren. Neem contact op en we nodigen je graag uit om onze koffies te komen proeven. Met liefde vertellen we je meer over herkomst, de boeren die we steunen, hoe we branden, en leren we jou hopelijk ook beter kennen!

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