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In deze periode  zetten we graag onze Suke Quto koffie in de spotlight. In tijden zoals deze, is  het belangrijk om onze projecten op sociaal- en kwaliteitsvlak niet uit het oog te verliezen. De boeren en hun families hebben onze hulp misschien zelfs extra hard nodig. Zoals je misschien weet steun je de kinderen van onze koffieboeren door deze koffie te kopen. Door een school te bouwen en ze de juiste middelen te bieden, krijgen ze een eerlijke kans op goed onderwijs. Download de  factsheet  voor meer info of lees hieronder verder.


BIO - Code NL-BIO-01


  • Land Ethiopië
  • Regio Guji, Sidamo
  • Plantage Suke Quto
  • Variëteit Kurume, Welicho (Heirloom)
  • Verwerkingsmethode Ongewassen
  • Hoogte 1800 - 2200 Meter
  • Oogst Oktober - Januari

Suke Quto school project

In 2017, we began to invest yearly in another joint project of Tesfaye and Trabocca: the building of a school in the Kumure village where Suke Quto is located. The livelihoods of many people who work at the farm rely on the coffee production. In turn, the future of this wonderful coffee lies with them. The school enables their children to go to a safe, fully-equipped school. Together with the help of our customers, Bocca donated €5000 in 2018 and another €2825 in 2019. This was used for a new block of four rooms, all modernly constructed, for the higher grade classes and for a library. Also, a new toilet was installed and a gate was constructed to protect the school environment. Herewith, the Kurume school has been finished. Tesfaye now focuses on the next phase: rebuilding a school in the Suke Quto village, with new floors and a block of  classes. The community’s desire  is to grow the Suke school into a high school, so that children can continue their studies after completing the eighth grade. And therefore we need your support.

Get involved!

Would you like to contribute to the school project as well? We provide the possibility to our wholesale customers to get involved by donating a specific amount per kg coffee to the school. We are so pleased that some of our customers have joined us already. For more info about how to contribute, contact your account manager.

Interview met Tesfaye en Menno op de Kerkstraat, Juni 2018

Wil je meer zien? Bekijk de rest van het interview hier

About Suke Quto

Our relationship with owner Tesfaye goes long way back. We’ve been buying his coffee for years. Last year we introduced a naturally processed coffee from his farm for the first time. As it was extremely well received, we now happily introduce fresh harvest if this coffee for the second time in a row. Those naturals used to be produced at the same location as the washed coffees. When our founder Menno visited the farm years ago, he advised Tesfaye to look for a separate location to produce the natural coffees. During peak harvest time, there was not enough room in the drying beds to dry the naturals properly. This effected the drying process and the quality that we were used to from his farm. Tesfaye followed Menno’s advice and with amazing results. For us, this shows perfectly how sharing knowledge and communicating directly with our farmers make innovation and quality improvement possible.

The foundation of the farm

The Suke Quto farm is located in the Guji Zone, South Eastern Ethiopia and was founded in 2005 by Tesfaye. After a large fire destroyed part of the surrounding area, locals started to grow teff (an annual grass) and corn on their lands. After a couple of years, however, this made the ground barren which is why Tesfaye came up with the idea of planting coffee and shade tree seedlings. Over 150 ‘out-growers’ are now replanting the forest, bringing organic coffee to the Suke Quto farm for processing. Nowadays, Suke Quto even has its own nursery farm, where they geminate coffee seeds.

Long term relationship and projects in origin

Tesfaye has been selling his coffee to Trabocca – a green coffee trading company also founded by Menno – since 2009. Trabocca rewards good harvests by paying Suko Quto’s organic certification and by implementing Operation Cherry Red at the farm. This programme stimulates farmers to only pick the reddest, ripest cherries. This produces a higher-quality coffee and they can ask a higher price for their efforts – which guarantees a better future for both the environment and the farmers. We also support this initiative by buying this coffee. And by purchasing this coffee, so will you.

Zetadvies espresso

  • Dosering dubbele espresso 19 gram
  • Extractietijd 27 seconden
  • Shotgewicht 44 gram

Zetadvies filter

  • Dosering 15 gram
  • Water 250 gram op 96 graden
  • Procedure 30 seconden bloom met 50 gram water, vul aan met water tot 250 gram
  • Totale extractietijd 2.30 minuten

Schenk Bocca

Elke dag weer streven wij naar het hoogst haalbare op het gebied van koffie. Het moet vers en perfect gezet zijn, en jou iets bijzonders laten ervaren. Neem contact op en we nodigen je graag uit om onze koffies te komen proeven. Met liefde vertellen we je meer over herkomst, de boeren die we steunen, hoe we branden, en leren we jou hopelijk ook beter kennen!

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