The Blend

Caramel, Date, Lemon
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Bocca’s allereerste blend en nog altijd een oogappeltje. Onze favoriete single-origin koffies verfijnd in balans gebracht om tot een gelaagd smaakprofiel te komen, waar dadel, caramel en citrus in te herkennen zijn. Zo eigen, zo complex; geen wonder dat dit onze populairste koffie is. Voor meer informatie download de complete factsheet van The Blend  hier of lees hieronder.



  • Land Brazilië, Colombia, Ethiopië
  • Regio Sul de Minas, Nariño, Guji
  • Plantage Passeio, Inga Aponte, Sasaba
  • Verwerkingsmethode Ongewassen, Gewassen
  • Certificering Conventioneel

Passeio, Brazil

We’re thrilled to finally work with Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira, the owner of Fazenda Passeio. Our green buyer Belle visited his farm several years ago and explains: “Adolfo is by far the most passionate Brazilian farmer I ever met. He’s also president of the Brazilian part of the Specialty Coffee Association and he’s very keen on helping other farmers teaching new techniques and cultivate varietals. Furthermore, Passeio is extremely beautiful and produces some stunning Brazilian coffees!”.

The farm is located in the southern part of Minais Gerais, Brazil, where an abundance of specialty coffees is grown. Owner Adolfo is a real example for others in the Brazilian specialty coffee industry: he puts his heart and soul into his work and is fully committed to obtain the highest quality. Compared to other Brazilian farms, Passeio is relatively small. Whereas machine plucking is the standard here, the coffee at Passeio is picked by hand and by the use of hand machines. The Vieira Ferreira family has been producing coffee in the region for over three generations. They do their absolute best to improve and increase productivity with respect to the environment and the local workforce, which is a large part of the operation. In all their work, they emphasize on social improvement: all of the local workers receive social support, such as schooling, workforce training, and environmental education.

Inga Aponte, Colombia

The Inga Aponte farm is in the Nariño region in the South of Colombia where it sits at an altitude of 2,150 metres above sea level. Here, the fertile volcanic soil enriches the taste of the cherries, resulting in a full-bodied coffee with sweet notes of milk chocolate, hazelnuts and melon.


The workers at Inga Aponte are known as the Ingas – a community of nomads that once lived in the Peruvian mountains and are descended from the Incas. They form part of a huge project run by the local and central government to replace illegal crops – such as opium – with others. Coffee is one of the main ones.

Sasaba, Ethiopia

The Sasaba washing station is found in the Oromia area, in the Guji Zone near Sidamo. The washing station is pretty remote; Ethiopia was not famous for its great roads, but this one is especially out-of-the-way: Sasaba can only be reached by a six-wheel drive truck. Tsegaye, the owner of Sasaba, is leading a very tight production schedule. Together with Trabocca, the quality of the washing station is improved every year. The ripe, red cherries are produced in the surroundings of the washing station by several smallholders. Smallholders are farmers with an average of ten to fifteen coffee plants per farmer, who also produce crops like maize and peas. This coffee is extremely clean, sweet and super fruity. We were blown away from the very first sip.

Zetadvies espresso

  • Dosering dubbele espresso 19,5 gram
  • Extractietijd 27 seconden
  • Shotgewicht 40-42 gram

Zetadvies filter

  • Dosering 15 gram
  • Water 250 gram op 96 graden
  • Procedure 30 seconden bloom met 50 gram water, vul aan met water tot 250 gram
  • Totale extractietijd 2.30 minuten

Schenk Bocca

Elke dag weer streven wij naar het hoogst haalbare op het gebied van koffie. Het moet vers en perfect gezet zijn, en jou iets bijzonders laten ervaren. Neem contact op en we nodigen je graag uit om onze koffies te komen proeven. Met liefde vertellen we je meer over herkomst, de boeren die we steunen, hoe we branden, en leren we jou hopelijk ook beter kennen!

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