Easy Rider Organic

Chocolate, Hazelnut, Smooth
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The ultimate feel-good coffee. Easy like Sunday morning, this blend is smooth enough to handle any bumps in the road of life. It brims with sweet notes of chocolate and hazelnut – for which Central and South American coffees are renowned. And is made with love. For more info download the factsheet of Easy Rider here or read below.


Organic - Code NL-BIO-01

Please note that Easy Rider with a roast date before 10th of December contains Finca La Victoria (Honduras) instead of Cenfrocafe (Peru). More info?

Download the factsheet here


  • Country Peru
  • Region Cajamarca, San Ignacio
  • Farm Cenfrocafe
  • Variety Typica & Caturra
  • Processing method Washed
  • Altitude 1200 - 1800 Metres
  • Certificate Organic

Cenfrocafe, Peru

Easy Rider currently consists of a Peruvian coffee from the Cenfrocafe co-operative, located in San Ignacio. This co-operative consists of 2400 coffee farmers that all own a small farm of just a few hectares. One of the success factors of this coffee is that all farmers seriously focus on organic and sustainable agriculture, amongst others by using organic compost of the Guano de Isla, an island near the Peruvian coast.


During harvest season, this coffee region is very rainy. This makes it difficult to dry the coffee cherries after picking. Therefore, the co-operative uses special parabolic dryers that make sure all cherries are very evenly dried. The impressive thing is that this way of working makes the coffee stable in the long term. Even almost a year after harvest, the coffee tastes very similar, due to the specific and extremely careful drying process.

To keep the quality of the coffee as high as possible, the co-operative built its own cupping lab to do quality control. Their cuppers where among the first in Peru to get Q-certified, a grade that you can obtain if you’re very good in tasting coffees, and they keep improving their skills over the years.


Another interesting fact is that the inhabitants in this region believe that Apus, (or Quechua) are the spirits of the mountains that protect local people in the highlands. The most well-known is Macchu Picchu. The Apu blend from Cenfrocafe honors the god of the coffee mountains and the spirits of the Peruvian Yungas – that have made the creation of these exquisite specialty coffees possible.

Cenfrocafe, Peru

Brew advice espresso

  • Dose double espresso 19 grams
  • Extraction time 28 seconds
  • Shot weight 40 grams

Brew advice filter

  • Dose 15 grams
  • Water 250 grams at 96 degrees
  • Procedure 30 seconds bloom with 50 grams of water, fill up with water to 250 grams
  • Total extraction time 2.30 minutes


Every day we strive to craft coffee like no other. It’s fresh, it’s brewed perfectly and it elevates an experience. Get in touch and we’ll invite you to sample our range of coffee.  We love to tell you more about the origins of each, the farmers we support, how roasting brings out different characteristics – and get to know you too!

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