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Our homage to the birthplace of coffee. This exemplary delicacy captures the beauty and mystery of Ethiopia’s coffee heritage. Vivid and bright with peach and floral notes, it’s one to be slowly savoured. For more info download the factsheet of Ethiopia here or read below.


Organic - Code NL-BIO-01


  • Country Ethiopia
  • Region Guji
  • Farm Suke Quto
  • Variety Kurume, Welicho (Heirloom)
  • Processing method Washed
  • Altitude 1800 - 2200 Metres
  • Certificate Organic

Suke Quto, Ethiopia

This coffee comes from the Suke Quto farm in the Guji zone of South Eastern Ethiopia, which was founded in 2005 by Tesfaye. After a large fire destroyed part of the surrounding area, locals started to grow teff (an annual grass) and corn on their lands. After a couple of years, however, this made the ground barren which is why Tesfaye came up with the idea of planting coffee and shade tree seedlings. Over 150 ‘out-growers’ are now replanting the forest, bringing organic coffee to the Suke Quto farm for processing. Nowadays, Suke Quto even has its own nursery farm, where they geminate coffee seeds.

About the farmer

Tesfaye has been selling his coffee to our importing partner Trabocca – a green coffee trading company also founded by Menno since 2009. Trabocca rewards good harvests by paying Suko Quto’s organic certification and by implementing Operation Cherry Red at the farm. This programme stimulates farmers to only pick the reddest, ripest cherries. This produces a higher-quality coffee and they can ask a higher price for their efforts – which guarantees a better future for both the environment and the farmers. We also support this initiative by buying this coffee. And by purchasing this coffee, so will you.

A future for the children of the Suke Quto farmers

In 2017, we began to invest in another joint project of Tesfaye and Trabocca: the building of a school in the Kumure village, where Suke Quto is located. The livelihoods of many people who work at the farm rely on the coffee production. In turn, the future of this wonderful coffee lies with them. The school will enable their children to go to a safe, fully-equipped school. And by buying this coffee, you will also be donating to the Suke Quto school project. After several challenges, the school is now fully operational. In October 2018, Tesfaye officially handed over the school to the community. And the story continues, it’s an ongoing project. Tesfaye has a long-term vision, aiming to give each and every child the opportunity to go to school. He therefore already has plans for a second school building.

Finally, we are proud that Tesfaye has visited our roastery and café in the Netherlands – twice! And that we’ve built such a great relationship with him.

Brew advice espresso

  • Dose double espresso 19 grams
  • Extraction time 30 seconds
  • Shot weight 45 grams

Brew advice filter

  • Dose 15 grams
  • Water 250 grams at 96 degrees
  • Procedure 30 seconds bloom with 50 grams of water, fill up with water to 250 grams
  • Total extraction time 2.30 minutes


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