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This package includes 350 gr coffee and 2x 1 l of Oatly to make a great oat cappuccino or latte! The coffee is a blend of our best Arabica beans, with -against all odds- a little bit of Robusta beans from a coffee farm situated at a high altitude in Uganda. We decided to give this variety a chance as the beans were especially prepared for us and processed according to our quality standards. They bring extra sweetness, more body and a thick crema.  For more info  read below or  read more about Oat + Coffee on the BLOG!


Coffee Info

  • Country 85% Brazil (Arabica) & 15% Uganda (Robusta)
  • Processing method Washed

Brew advice espresso

  • Dose double espresso 19 grams
  • Extraction time 26 seconds
  • Shot weight 38 grams

Brew advice filter

  • Dose 15 grams
  • Water 250 grams at 96 degrees
  • Procedure 30 seconds bloom with 50 grams of water, fill up with water to 250 grams
  • Total extraction time 2.30 minutes

Recipe Oat Cappuccino

  • Dose 19 grams as per espresso advice
  • Oat Milk 100 ml

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Every day we strive to craft coffee like no other. It’s fresh, it’s brewed perfectly and it elevates an experience. Get in touch and we’ll invite you to sample our range of coffee.  We love to tell you more about the origins of each, the farmers we support, how roasting brings out different characteristics – and get to know you too!

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