Panama Geisha

Passion Fruit, Floral, Honey
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Celebrate the holiday season with the champagne of coffee: Panama Geisha! This coffee has stolen our hearts years ago, because of its exceptional quality. We’re happy to have it back. Would like to read more about this coffee? Download the factsheet here. Please note that this coffee is packed in 150g bags. 

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  • Country Panama
  • Region Jaramillo, Palmira & Quiel
  • Producer Peterson Family
  • Farms Haramillo, Cañas Verdes & El Velo
  • Mill Hacienda la Esmeralda
  • Variety Geisha
  • Processing method Washed
  • Altitude 1600 - 1800 Metres

About this coffee

The Geisha Private Collection is a special blend of microlots from three farms located in different regions. The Peterson Family produces this coffee and processes it at the Hacienda La Esmeralda Mill. Only the finest red, ripe fruits are handpicked and to ensure consistency and excellence, the coffee is being thoroughly inspected for defects and greens. 

Care for quality, care for people

The family not only takes care of their coffee, but also of their workers. At their specific nursery section they take care of the workers’ children, provide snacks and lunch and education while their parents are harvesting. Every harvester receives dry rice and beans or canned sardines at the end of each month. Medical facilities, including dental care are available within a walking distance and free of charge. And to celebrate the Christmas season, they give presents and goodie bags to all children. And twice a year, the Peterson family pays the harvesters bonuses for their hard work.

Brew advice espresso

  • Dose double espresso 19 grams
  • Extraction time 28 seconds
  • Shot weight 45 grams

Brew advice filter

  • Dose 15 grams
  • Water 250 grams at 96 degrees
  • Procedure 30 seconds bloom with 50 grams of water, fill up with water to 250 grams
  • Total extraction time 2.30 minutes

Hacienda la Esmeralda, Panama

Serve Bocca

Every day we strive to craft coffee like no other. It’s fresh, it’s brewed perfectly and it elevates an experience. Get in touch and we’ll invite you to sample our range of coffee.  We love to tell you more about the origins of each, the farmers we support, how roasting brings out different characteristics – and get to know you too!

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