Hospitality & Service

When we first set out on this journey back in 2001, we learnt how to roast at the same time as we learnt how to pull shots – because that’s how you did it back then. We’ve come a long way in the years since & today we’re humbled to be learning alongside some of the world’s finest coffee producers, hospitality operators & equipment manufacturers who we are proud to call our family.


We work with people who share our passion for a specialist hospitality offering & support them by roasting the finest coffee beans, training baristas & providing technical equipment expertise. Every day we strive to craft  coffee and tea like no other.

Restaurants & lunchrooms

We can offer new espresso machines for purchase or pre-used, free on loan espresso machines (tied to a minimum usage agreement). This is backed up with a range of barista training to ensure your permanent and casual staff can operate at the highest level and a range of our coffee blends to satisfy the most discerning of tastes.


In most hotels, coffee is in demand morning, noon and night – from the speedy service required at breakfast, to bulk brews for conferences, weddings and events right through to barista made coffee served in your bars and lounges. It’s now such an important part of your offer that you can’t afford to get it wrong.

We offer a unique package of machines, products, services and training that can be tailored to fully meet the requirements of the hotel sector. Even better, our packages are designed to reduce costs and improve hotel efficiency.

Business & Industry

We know it’s tough to pick a coffee machine when it comes to catering for employees. When you’re making such an important investment it’s essential that you get it right. It needs to provide high quality coffee for a fast-paced work environment with high coffee demands. We guarantee high quality coffee with efficient Customer Service, no matter how big or small your offices are.


We offer espresso machines (as above) but also offer compact ‘bean to cup’ machines that provide excellent quality coffee at the touch of a button. They’re easy to clean, easy to operate and are sufficiently quick.





Get in touch

Please leave your contact details below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Delight your customers by serving Bocca Coffee.

We have years of experience in providing  all hospitality operators with packages of machines, product, training, service and support . We will help you build your reputation and clientele.

The best equipment for the best brew

Over the years, we’ve tried and tested all kinds of equipment in our quest to craft the perfect coffee and tea. We know what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve also built valuable relationships with reliable service partners which is why we can offer independent advice on the best equipment for your business – and budget. 

A selection of machines we work with.

Coffee & Tea Training

Making and serving a great cup of coffee or tea  is both an art and a science. Our expert team have industry secrets, specialist knowledge, and heaps of enthusiasm to transform your staff into skilful baristas or tea masters. And will always be on hand to give them further training – or a quick refresher – as needed.

For training your staff, please send an email to workshop@bocca.nl .


Are you interested in joining us in supporting the children of our coffee farmers? Ask our sales team for our Suke Quto school project.